Stixx Drops Dlala Stixx Visuals

Stixx Drops Dlala Stixx Visuals

New music videos for the 2023 hit song “Dlala Stixx,” which features Nvcho and Mathandos, have been released by producer Stixx, who was born in East Rand.

A more vivid picture of the song’s narrative is provided by the engrossing, dance-filled music video.

The Dlala Stixx visuals have lived up to the excitement of the club song, a story that sets the tone for the perfect night out, after much anticipation last year. The lens work in Mazi’s produced and directed video adds an immersive element to the story and makes the song even more relatable to viewers.

Watch the official music video for ‘Dlala Stixx’ below:

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