Scumie Drops ‘Quick Fix’ With Roiii And DopeNation

Scumie Drops 'Quick Fix' With Roiii And DopeNation

Scumie Drops ‘Quick Fix’ With Roiii And DopeNation

Scumie is back in 2023 with another collab track Quick Fix. Engineered for the clubs and streets, Scumie brings her no-nonsense, yet playful attitude back with a free-form, smooth flow that anchors the track between two heavyweight verses dropped by SA’s hot favourite Roiii, as well as award-winning Ghanaian identical twins, rappers and producers, DopeNation.

Quick Fix has been highly anticipated by her social media following, and her guest artists are a testament to her rising star. From the Skhanda World family of rappers, Roiii is one of the hottest free-flowing rappers to emerge from SA in the past few years, and adding DopeNation to the mix is a stroke of genius, welcoming continental mega stardom into the picture and sound of this party track.

Scumie has already lauded as one of the best female forerunners of the trap genre in SA by some high-calibre media and fellow peers, despite her youth. Without a doubt a woman who knows who she is and what she wants to say, she attracts high-end collaborators like bees to honey whilst writing her own raps and beats.

Scumie, styled by the streets with a natural swag, is a no-frills kinda girl. Influenced and comparable to females of the genre such as Bktherula, she admits to allowing her trap flow to evolve as she matures, even if that means her chosen genre is no longer definable. No matter her rapping style, Scumie’s artistic development is one that her fans welcome with open arms.

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