Mikhalé Jones To Release ‘KING’

Mikhalé Jones To Release KING

Mikhalé Jones To Release KING

South African Neo soul artist, Mikhalé Jones announces the highly anticipated upcoming release, ‘KING’ which is set to drop this Friday, September 8.

According to Mikhalé, ‘KING’ isn’t just a song, it’s a statement of self-assurance and a declaration of independence.

Having been signed to a major label for more than two years, Mikhalés decision to release a track titled ‘KING’ signifies a pivotal moment in her career. With this release, she is taking back her power and steering her artistic journey in the direction she envisions.

At the heart of ‘KING’ is the notion of autonomy, with Mikhalés choice to do things her way, the ‘KING’ way.

The lyrics of ‘KING’ delve into the sacrifices Mikhalé has made to elevate her name within the industry.

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