Lady Zamar Opens Up On Why Her 4th Album Is Not Ready

Lady Zamar Opens Up On Why Her 4th Album Is Not Ready

Lady Zamar Opens Up On Why Her 4th Album Is Not Ready: You may be wondering why Lady Zamar‘s 4th album is yet to hit the airwaves. Well, the songstress has stepped forward to clear the air on why her album is being delayed.

The album which she has been working on since 2020 which we were even hinted of an Amapaino track is being delayed because Lady Zamar is seeking to attain perfection with the album.

In her own words, she said; “I’m always surprised at how much work is still left to finish my album.. we’ve been working on it since April 2020 when everything was still so virtual, now we here in June and we aren’t even close to done yet… I’ve had the privilege of an amazing team of producers, writers, and composers.. it’s just been such a beautiful experience creating this beautiful body of work”.

“Brilliant minds have dedicated their time, creativity, and skills to this upcoming project.. We also just had tons of fun.. most times it’s been more fun than work really. I can’t wait to share this body of work with you and finally name all the all-star producers, writers, composers, engineers, and just everyone on this project.. more so I can’t wait for you guys to hear the music.”

Sharing some of the moments she had with her team in the studio she went ahead to assure us that all is well.

“So to everyone asking where is Lady Zamar..don’t worry I’m here with you all…doing everything in me to give you music so we can fellowship together and hopefully when all this starts to make more sense and we have our lives back we can have unlimited, unrestricted dancing and continue to live our best lives yet”.


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