J Molley Is Back From 7-Month Hiatus

J Molley Is Back From 7-Month Hiatus

J Molley Is Back From 7-Month Hiatus

SA Hip Hop star J Molley has returned from his 7-month hiatus and announced his sobriety, saying, “My Addiction Clouded My Judgement.”

The fans never have a problem when artists have to take time off to get their mental health in check. In 2023, the fans were all concerned for J Molley. The rapper acted out several times and even announced that he was retiring from the music industry.

He later took some time off to get better. Already doing better, the Hood Pharmacist has returned to social media after seven months. He sent out an apology to his fans and everyone who was hurt by his actions. He also announced his sobriety and revealed that he has more courage and clarity now. He wrote,

“For too long, I have been burdened by the weight of my actions, actions fueled by a disease I couldn’t fully control. Today, I stand before you with newfound clarity, humility, and courage seven months into my journey of sobriety.”

“I write to extend my deepest apologies for the pain I’ve caused due to my addiction and the resulting abuse. My addiction clouded my judgment, distorted my priorities, and led me down a path of destruction.”

The fans have accepted him with open arms.

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