History of Zimbabwe Music from the Early Period to the Modern Era

History of Zimbabwe Music from the Early Period to the Modern EraHistory of Zimbabwe Music from the Early Period to the Modern Era

History of Zimbabwe Music from the Early Period to the Modern Era : The traditional and modern music is a remarkable part of Zimbabwe’s identity, so let Hiphopza247 media team on this note project  ZIMBABWE MUSIC History.

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Music as a universal language of the soul has always had a strong bund of bringing people closer together in many cultures. For the Zimbabwean music art it portrays their cultural background and self identities. Zimbabwean language often reflects their root origin together with the musical instruments.

The Zimbabwean music art is of two types: The African Traditional Art style and The Modern Art style. The latter has a western influence, that portrays wonderful talented performers.

Many countries all over the world is identified by their folk music. While in Zimbabwean, their folklore music often differs from various location or town. For instance, villagers from Mashonalan will sing in shone with the common use of Mbiras and Ajembe drums, while villages in Meta beleland will sing their songs in Ndebele language native to the area with the ordinary use of rattles, clapping and ngoma drums.

In essence, the Zimbabwean folklore music can differ from one place to another, depending in the language speaks in that area.

Traditional music instruments in Zimbabwe:

The use of drums is the main traditional music instruments in Zimbabwe. Drums as the main tool is both used in religious scene, cultural settings and entertainment


Mbira also known as the thumb piano is another relevant instrument in the traditional Zimbabwe music. One can hear the mbira pleasant sounds hence it is put inside a calabash to bring out the sound in a more pleasant manner.

Mbira dzavadzimu 14 March 2006 from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mbira




Rattles is also an important instruments in both traditional and religious Zimbabwean music. Hence mbira is playing, it often followed by the rattles or Hosho often calls “Kutamba Mbira nehosho”. In translation, it meant playing mbira with rattles, according to Zimbabweans in shone. Hosho are made of dried gourds with some seeds inside them. Hosho are commonly played in pairs. Each on one hand. There are rattles of plastic or woods but rattles made from gourds are unique in the sense that they tends to bring an amazing sound beauty in the music.

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More so, there are other forms of rattles worn on the leg by the dancers. It is called leg rattles known as magavhu in the Zombabwean music performance. It is tied to the ankles of the lower leg and while the dancer dances, it often produces an amazing rhythm.


Xylophone – called Marimba in Zimbabwe is a foreign instrument that finds its way into the traditional Zimbabwe music. It can be played on its own or together with other instruments like drums and rattle. There are many xylophone clubs in the Zimbabwean schools as part of a way to promote the traditional Zimbabwean music and sometimes there are competitions between one school and another with the region.

Xylophone with mallets  4 October 2008 from wikipedia.org

Djembe drums

Djembe drums is used in the place of entertainments and eating place. Djembe drums when used in a public place for entertainment brings an air of amusement, togetherness, warmness for unity while the natural sounds from the drum reminds us the raw darkest Africa roots as writers tends to mirror in novels and films.

Djembé aus Lenké-Holz 29 June 2005 from wikipedia.org

What music means to Zimbabweans

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, it was an era of colonial movement and many native people of the Zimbabweans were moved from their various roots of origin and culture. During that time, music became a way many of them keep connecting with their cultures and traditions.

Music has an unendable deep power to influence people’s notions and behavior, at the same time; it can reactivate moods, feelings and one’s state of mind and body. Music as the tool of unity is a universal phenomenon that can connect every being to their past unfolding with point of messages.

Zimbabweans are very cheerful people, their warm smiles and friendliness are said by tourist who have visited Zimbabweans. It is the power of music that sustains their happiness and friendly approach.

The lyrics of the Zimbabwean music portrays the bad leadership, at the same time encourage the native of Zimbabwe to uphold good social values in the family and society at large. Over the years, the lyrics encourage good government and rising against bad leadership

Famous Zimbabwe Music

Artists famous for performing and recording this style of music called “Chimurenga” meaning uprising or war of liberation are Mbuya Stena Chiweshe and Thomas Maptumo. They are the pioneers of the modern music art in Zimbabwe.

In the public eyes, the popular musician called Oliver Mtukudii (a.k.a.) “Tuku” was a giant Zimbabwean recorder who was a good Zimbabwean music ambassador all over the continent. He was known for playing a plethora of styles with heartening lyrics and sensitive messages. For instance, his songs about the deadly disease called HIV/AIDS gives many people better understanding concerning the disease and how to relate with the sufferers of the above mentioned disease.

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Modern Zimbabwe Music

In the public eyes, the Zimbabwe music has taken its place unaware in Zimbabwe. Inter-continentally recognizes musicians singing and performing in English and native languages with modern instruments, for instance, electric guitars, modern twists and steel drums on traditional instruments.

They have taken main stage in many local set up around the country as well as at events around the world. Presently, the most popular young artists are Jah Parayzah and Winky D. Jah. While Prayzah’s style of music is a cut of traditional shone mbira with contemporary instruments, and his songs are often in shone. His nickname “Soja” portrays that he is a vibrant stage performer. “Soja” (meaning soldier) because of his wears, stage wears. Winky D. on the other hand, falls into the reggae-dance music genre called (Zim Dancehall) a music style that tends to be like the Jamaican Dancehall beats with basically shona lyrics. Pannorwadza Moyo which he did with Oliver Mtukudzi – a song of heart break from losing loved ones is one of his popular music. Again, Winky D. as a great artist on the stage has a nickname “Big man” for his famous among the young stars and the Zimbabwean youths.

In the popular afro-fusion scene of music in Zimbabwe bands and amongst artist that are very famous are Chain Gang, Mann Friday, Mackay brother, Ryan Koriya, the flying Bantu and the Evicted, etc. these modern and upcoming musicians and artists sing of triumph, love, optimism, bravery, resilience and faith. They are the metaphor of faith in humanity and the self faith the young people has within their mind and future. In every area of life, the modern artists of Zimbabwe tends to give a very good message of their country and the world at large.

Zimbabwe music is very diverse and we cannot mention all the artists importantly we must note that the diversity of the Zimbabwe music cut across many talented individuals from different areas of life. A few of them are from small towns like Hwange, Ozumba and Victoria falls.

Popular types includes, Afro Jazz, Zim Dancehall, Rumba, Afro Fusion, Grooves, Mbira, Sungura, Gospel and Urban.

In conclusion, music to Zimbabwe is a powerful tool for great message of hope, faith, love and at the same time encouraging people to live a meaningful life by portraying the past, the present and the future uprising of an event.


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