DJ Maphorisa Unhappy with Nigerian DJs (Video)

DJ Maphorisa Not Happy With Nigerian DJs

DJ Maphorisa Unhappy with Nigerian DJs: DJ Maphorisa on a live video says Nigerian DJs should stop playing Amapiano too fast.

DJ Maphorisa is dissatisfied with Nigerian DJs due to their interpretation of the Amapiano genre.

Because Naija claims ownership of the genre and has many Yano songs at the top of the charts, there is an ongoing controversy between the two countries.

Nonetheless, the sound’s creator is renowned to have been Mzansi.

In a recent Instagram live, Maphorisa says the only problem he has with Nigerian is their DJs; he said he doesn’t like how they play the music genre.

Phori urged the DJs to play Amapiano softly, as they play it too fast.

“Please Nigerian DJs, please play Amapiano softer with the tempo, please take it down a bit. You can’t be playing Amapiano with 120 BPM. Please Nigerian DJs I beg, please, please take it down with the pitch, I beg,” the South African DJ said.

He further demonstrated the speed at which they play it.

Watch the video below:

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