Big Zulu Shares His Method of Management On His Artists Handling Fame

Big Zulu Method of Management On His Artists

Big Zulu Method of Management On His Artists

Big Zulu Shares His Method of Management On His Artists Handling Fame: Owner of Inkabi Records and South African rapper Big Zulu offers insight into his management approach and how artists prepare for fame. He places a strong emphasis on developing potential and offering support for achievement.

Many people start singing or rapping because they want to be famous and successful in their industry. However, only a few attain stardom, while the majority fade away quickly, their promise quenched shortly after they appear.

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We see many examples of people rising from the shadows to fame, only to be swallowed by that fame and become misfits in society, despised by all and without any company.

The rapper posted on Instagram, revealing secrets in a lengthy message. providing the fans with a tasty blend of English and Zulu. At the heart of his message, he explained his method, which he uses to instruct his artists on how to manage fame and capitalize on opportunities such as endorsements. He emphasized very much on not leaving them to fend for themselves, but rather guiding them and encouraging their growth in the industry.

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Big Zulu advises artists not to engage in contracts with record labels that will enslave them

Big Zulu urges musicians to avoid signing exploitative record label contracts. He has effectively avoided the public controversies that are sometimes connected with other record labels since signing artists to Inkabi Records.

Nonetheless, the rapper advises musicians to carefully study and understand their contracts with the label before signing. He also discusses his own experiences as a record label owner, including how he prioritized the treatment and well-being of his musicians.
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When record labels give substantial deals to artists, Big Zulu highlights the importance of regulating their excitement. In addition to this, he reveals artists at Inkabi Records to the reality of fame and fortune. The rapper also gave a warning to aspiring musicians, asking them to learn from those who have been in similar situations and to be cautious and figure out their professional choices.

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