Top 10 Amapiano Songs That Went Global (No. 2 With 10 billion Views on….., You Can’t Believe No.1)

Top 10 Amapiano Songs That Went Global
Top 10 Amapiano Songs That Went Global
Top 10 Amapiano Songs That Went Global
Top 10 Amapiano Songs That Went Global

Top 10 Amapiano Songs That Hit Globally

Top Amapiano Hits Globally: Amapiano is putting African music on a global stage. This genre of music is believed to have originated from South Africa in 2012.

One of the most enticing things about Amapiano is the vocals behind the beats, you might not understand the lyrics, but somehow you just get lost in it.

HipHopZa 247 media team brings you our pick of Top 10 biggest Amapiano Hits that broke the internet globally. We’re convinced they’re more than 10. Do well to drop your favorite in the comment section below.


10. Nkulu Nkulu – Kamo Mphela

Kamo Mphela does not only do justice to her Amapiano hits, but she also adds her dance prowess to make her video go viral. Such talent helped make her 2021 Amapiano track NkuliNkuli hit over 15 million views on both Spotify and Youtube.

Nkulu Nkulu – Kamo Mphela {Mp3 Download Here}


9. Woza – Mr Jazziq ft Kabza De Small, Lady Du and Boohle

Woza released by Mr Jazziq in 2021 became one of South African top rated Amapiano tunes and also across the globe as a whole.

Kabza De Small, Lady Du and Boohle were featured in the hit record and to add more flame to the burning fire, many tiktok users used the song to create a dance challenge that made the song to go more viral. The song has over 11 million views on Youtube and more than 6 million views on spotify.

Woza – Mr Jazziq {Mp3 Download Here}


8. Dali Nguwe – Master Kg ft Nkosazana Daughter, Basetsana & Obeey Amor

Master Kg is one of the top rated Amapiano producers in Africa with a massive portfolio of hits which no other producer in Amapiano line can challenge.

Master Kg featured Nkosazana Daughter, Basetsana and Obeey Amor in making the hit which has got over 19 million views on Youtube.

Dali Nguwe – Master Kg {Mp3 Download Here}

7. Paris – Q-mark & TpZee

Paris by Q-mark and TpZee is like a fine wine that gets better with time. The single is taken from the Duo debut Amapiano music project which they titled “Umlilo” released in October, 2021.

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The Hit Amapiano track has over 15million views on views on Youtube and still counting.

Paris – Q-mark & TpZee {Mp3 Download}


6. Gcina Impilo Yam – Dj Cleo & Bucy

This is one of the Amapiano songs that went viral on the internet. The original song was released back in 2020 and has over 10 million views.

The Amapiano touch on the song by Dj Cleo and Bucy made the song more pleasing to the ears. It currently has over 20 million views on YouTube and doing pretty good on other music stores.

Gcina Impilo Yam – Dj Cleo & Bucy {Mp3 Download}


5. ODG – Eltee Skhillz

Eltee Skhillz owe Tiktok thanks for the success of his song “ODG” AKA Odogwu na the Spender.  ODG by the renowned Nigerian music artiste continues to trend on all social media handles.

Despite the catchy nature of the song, it hasn’t gained much views and streams on YouTube (Below 5 million) but only time would tell.

ODG – Eltee Skhillz {Mp3 Download}


4. It Ain’t Me (Amapiano Remix) – DJ Abux & Soulking ft Innocent

Amapiano continues to gain more popularity as DJ’s take already existing songs and turn them into a more enticing sound by adding electronic Amapiano beats to them. One of such songs is DJ Abux and Soulking Amapiano remix of “It Ain’t Me”. The song originally done by KYG & Selena Gomez.

Tiktok also helped to song go viral with lots of dance challenges created with the song.

It Ain’t Me (Amapiano Remix) – DJ Abux & Soulking {Mp3 Download}


3. BUGA – Kiss Daniel & Tekno

Amapiano is gradually creeping into the Nigerian music industry. Buga by renowned Nigerian music artists, Kiss Daniel and Tekno is one of the hits that has exposed the globe to African music.

Just within the Space of 4 months of release of the song, it has hit over 90 million views and streams on YouTube, over 22 million views on Spotify and that of Tiktok is uncountable.

BUGA – Kiss Daniel & Tekno {Mp3 Download}


2. Ameno Amapiano (Remix) – Goya Menor & Nektunez

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Viral Amapiano hits cannot be counted without mentioning Ameno Amapiano remix AKA DOREME & AKA YOU WANNA BAM BAM.

Goya Menor and Nektunez collaborated in producing the awesome track. The song has set a new world record with over 10 billion views on Tiktok, 50 million views on YouTube and more on Spotify and other music stores.

Ameno became world biggest song in 2021 after Nektunz sampled the old time classic Ameno.

Ameno Amapiano (Remix) – Goya Menor & Nektunez {Mp3 Download}


1. Jerusalema – Master KG ft Nomcebo

Jerusalema produced by Master Kg featuring Nomcebo is comfortably sitting on the throne of Top Amapiano Hits that went global.

The hit went global when a group of Angola dancers created a viral “#jerusalemadancechallenge” video. Almost overnight, everyone from police depts in Africa to Priest in Europe, to Medical personnels in America were posting their own Jerusalema dance videos that replicated the choreography by the Angola dancers.

Adding more fuel to the burning fire, Master Kg featured renowned Nigerian grammy award winning music artiste, Burna Boy in the remix of the song.

The song has over 1 billion views on YouTube and uncountable views on Tiktok and other music stores joined.

Master Kg putting together the beat, Nomcebo and Burna Boy doing justice to the lyrics and vocals. The magic IsiZulu phrase “Jerusalema Ikhaya lami” (Jerusalem my home) arose through their efforts joined. Then  the Angolans provided an irresistable choreography and the rest is history.

Jerusalem – Master KG ft Nomcebo {Mp3 Download}

Jerusalema (Remix) – Master KG ft Burna Boy & Nomcebo {Mp3 Download}




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