NEWS: Zandie Khumalo shares how she worked as a paramedic while trying to save the life of Senzo Meyiwa

Zandie Khumalo news
Zandie Khumalo news
Zandie Khumalo news
Zandie Khumalo news

Zandie Khumalo shares how she worked as a paramedic while trying to keep Senzo Meyiwa alive

Zandie Khumalo who is a music singer and a younger sister to famous South African singer Kelly Khumalo. She is signed to Warner Music and has got one album Izikhali ZamaNtungwa which she released in 2018.

The talented music artiste shared a very touching story on how she tried saving the live of Senzo Meyiwa when he was shot by unknown robbers back in 2014.

The singer who is not happy that murderers are yet to be brought to book revealed in an exclusive interview with eNCA that she sat beside the dying football player at the back of the car.

Zandie was among the persons in the house that night the robbers gunned Senzo.

She said she tried applying pressure to the wound in the car, but she could feel his feet get cold .

“I was the one sitting with Senzo at the back [of the car] putting pressure on the wound leading to the hospital. Even on our way to the hospital I could feel him getting cold from his feet … I was busy talking to him all the way, trying to keep him alive but unfortunately …” she said.

Meanwhile, Advocate Teffo who is for the late Senzo withdrew from the case last week and it hurt Zandie, as she took to social media to express her disappointment.

“It looks like one is never gonna get their day in court la coz people entrusted with this case have turned into a circus so I might as well say this here and now.It really pains me that this case doesn’t look like it will be solved anytime soon because South Africa believe opportunists and populists like this one,it pains me because it means the Meyiwa family will never get justice and it pains me because it means my family will forever live under this dark cloud,this one claimed he had an eyewitness uphi?”

“He claimed he had proof that Kelly pulled the trigger and now he withdraws,he has had his 2 minutes of fame……This desperate desire to find the Khumalo’s guilty so “We will believe and back anyone who says what we want to hear” will stand in the way of justice,this tunnel view approach that the society is applying to this case is what is obstructing justice from being served but qhubekani,” she wrote.

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