Abidoza To Drop ‘Till We Meet Again’

Abidoza To Drop ‘Till We Meet Again’

Abidoza To Drop ‘Till We Meet Again’

Abidoza To Drop Till We Meet Again: Abidoza is making a very strong comeback musically with a single that has been anticipated by the public.

This single is a heartfelt and sentimental song to Abidoza given the fact that it is dedicated to his friend popularly known as DJ Sumbody who has passed on.

Abidoza has teamed up with Rams De Violinist and Mduduzi Ncube who are both exceptional musicians in their own right. Rams does come with a different touch with the violin on this song and the emotion of the song really comes out with the way he plays the violin. Mduduzi’s angelic voice really ties the song together with the messaging of the song. The production of the song is a true masterpiece with this trio.

‘Till we meet again’ is a very sentimental song and Abidoza hopes to invoke emotion in people to recall their loved ones who have passed on and do this in a celebratory manner.

Celebrating people we have lost is often something we forget to do. Through music and specifically this song he hopes people do not forget those they have lost and choose to celebrate them and the lives they have lived.

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